I would like to thank you for taking the first step to wellness. I specialize in many types of massage and health, promoting touch to help you relax and keep calm. I work together with you to rid you of pain and stress; and to keep your body and psychological wellness in harmony.

Since overcoming breast cancer in 2009 I have embarked on my massage practice, this born out of my healing journey through massage. Although I have experience in holistic massage, my maternal instinct has gravitated toward specializing in fertility massage, pregnancy massage and infant massage.

My practice is exclusively women focused and I offer a mobile service option for added convenience.


Massage Options

Swedish Massage

Is the most common form of massage and is a light massage the mainly relaxes the muscles.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used for chronic muscle tension and is a deeper invigorating massage.

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Pregnancy Massage

Is a mixture of Swedish and therapeutic massage, depending upon where the client is with their pregnancy.

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Baby Massage Course

Our Baby Massage Course is perfect for moms and dads who would love to deepen their bond with their baby.

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Fertility Massage

Fertility massage is a form of abdominal massage that is gentle, yet very effective. The massage is often used for women with digestive and...

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Massage Therapy Menu & Pricing

I will be happy to help you select type of massage that best for you and meets your needs. Just pop us a mail and we can make contact.

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